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BT3 Parts Pack 2 Info

Bubble Tanks 3

It’s been awhile since we’ve last posted, and while we plan (and need to) be doing more posting, the good news is that we are making a lot of progress on Bubble Tanks 3 and our other titles.  Parts Pack 2 is over halfway through development and will be released before we make the game go viral and hosted on other websites.  The theme of Parts Pack 2 is “Charging” and it includes all sorts of awesome stuff from electric proximity based weapons to parts that allow you to build up charges to deal more damage with the weapons in bigger bursts.

The next big game update will come out with the release of Parts Pack 2 and will include a lot of bug fixes and changes.  Number one on the list is that regardless of whether you won or not, you’ll be able to start the game with the tanks from the last game you played.  We are also including some new free parts that everyone will be able to enjoy as well as introduce Bubble Clusters: groups of base bubbles that have a pre-made animation such as wiggling side to side, etc…

There will be some sales going on with the release of Parts Pack 2.  For the first week, anyone who bought Parts Pack 1 will be able to get the second for just $1.99!

After that, each Parts Pack will be $4.99 each as standard, or, if you want to buy both Parts Packs together in a bundle, you can get all the awesome new stuff for just $7.99 and save 20%.

Parts Pack 2 Preview

Big Update to Come Out Monday

Alright everyone, the update we were going to push out today is being pushed back to Monday. Here’s why: we are making it bigger and it’s including more.

Version 1.02.1 will come out on the 20th. Included:

If you beat the game, it saves your tank tree. You can leave, come back, and load up your tank tree starting at the max tier with your biggest tank. You are still placed at the center bubblefield.

Whenever you are in a bubblefield that has no enemies in it, you can edit your tank. In other words, you can level up at any time. Doing so though makes you restart that tier, so if you were halfway to upgrading you have to earn that again with your new tank.

There will be a new checkbox at the start of the game called “All Tanks”. This will make it MUCH more likely to get user created content, but the game will be slightly less balanced and you won’t be as sure what you’ll get.

And other bug fixes.

Today we added some new tanks to the game!

Seeeee you Monday!

Game Update 1.01.1

We have just made an update to the game!

This version includes bug fixes, a new animated Hero Interactive logo, and more.

Also today we added 10 new enemies and 5 new avatars.

Tomorrow will be another update including the ability to edit your tank in between upgrades!

Bubble Tanks 3 is RELEASED!

BT3 is Live!

Bubble Tanks 3 is finally out on ArmorGames! GO PLAY BUBBLE TANKS 3!

Bubble Tanks 1 was designed around some simple concepts: make a game that 1) allowed you to grow, 2) explore and constantly experience new things, and 3) choose your difficulty as you play by deciding how far out you want to go. Bubble Tanks 3 is the completion of that vision- New tanks will stream into your game seamlessly in the background creating a new experience and adventure each and every game.

I can’t begin to tell you how much blood and sweat went into this game, but I can sum it up best with a story about our team member Jason. This past Sunday Jason was driving 2 hours from his girlfriend’s place to come in to work. Michigan is very cold, and his truck hit a patch of ice and he rolled the truck over. He was upside down for 10 minutes until the police and medics could cut him out of his truck. He was alright, no scratches or bruises somehow, so when the medic asked him where to drop him off, instead of the hospital he said “Hero Interactive so I can work on Bubble Tanks!” I tell you this for two reasons: 1) God saved Jason so he could bring you this game. 2) That’s how hard we ALL worked on it.

Every month we are creating a brand new Parts Pack that can be purchased. These packs include 20 or more brand new parts, new enemies, avatars, and other features. Our goal is to release a new pack each month, that means a year from now the game could have a jaw dropping additional 240 new parts and features! Combine that with what’s in there now, and you’ll have more Bubble Tanks than you could ever hope for.

Bubble Tanks 3 is infinite experiences.

We hope you all enjoy it!