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BUG REPORT – Game won’t move past loading screen.

The following bug has been reported:

For some players, the game loads to 100%, they click continue, and then the game doesn’t do anything.

This bug has been moved to the top of our list and we will be addressing it first thing tomorrow morning.  Thanks everyone for the heads up.

BUG REPORT – Game crashes after logging in to unlock your Parts Pack

Some players have reported that when they went to log in to unlock their parts pack today, the game crashed and they got something messed up: see below…

This is because we made an update today and your browser is still using the old version of the game.  To fix it, all you should have to do is clear your browser cache and/or make sure that you are doing a full refresh of the page and downloading the latest version of the game. If you see the game downloading and the preloader is incrementing through the downloaded percentage, you know you are getting it fresh.

Email Server Was Down – Now is Up!

Hi everyone,

Due to the large influx of players and new accounts our email server went down a couple of hours ago.  We immediately began working on it with our service provider and now the problem should finally be resolved.  We received all of your comments about no confirmation email and that helped us to jump on this asap!

Just to make sure, we have re-sent everyone a brand spanking new confirmation email with their code to activate their account.  You’ll know if you were one of the ones affected by this problem if you receive this email.  It ends with:

Please Note: Due to the large influx of new users, we have experienced some down time with our email system which should now be fixed.  This is a re-sending of youroriginal email in case you did not get it.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Everyone should have received this email if they were waiting to activate and this should get them in.
Thanks everyone for your patience while we worked this out!
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