Bubble Tanks 3

Alright everyone, I have LOTS of information for you on Parts Pack #2.  First off, we are looking at a release within a week I think.  w00t!  Parts Pack 2 brings you 20 brand new parts, charging weapons, new Avatar tanks, new Enemy tanks, and the all new CONSOLE (more on that).  Charging weapons are pretty sweet- the longer you hold them, the more they do.  For example, the Seeker Factory can build 7 different types of Seekers depending on how long you charge it up.  Click it and your seeker is little more than a bullet.  Hold it half way and your seeker will seek out and do area damage.  Full charged and little seekers break off it, it does area damage, and it has piercing, and so on…

We also have 7 new parts that are free for everyone.  We had only planned on 2, but then added the new Bubble Clusters.  These are groups of base bubbles that are animated with interesting behaviors or movements to allow for some cool new designs.  They are purely decorative for the most part.

Here is the full parts list:

  • Avatar Part – Birdshot
  • Avatar Part – Blaster
  • Avatar Part – Conical Blast
  • Avatar Part – Lightning Trap
  • Avatar Part – Seeker Factory
  • Avatar Part – Phaser
  • Avatar Part – Super Blaster
  • Avatar Part – Weaken Sludge
  • Avatar Part – Clone Decoy
  • Avatar Part – Shock Node
  • Avatar Part – Speed Booster
  • Avatar Part – Impact Shield
  • Enemy Part – Shock Node
  • Enemy Part – Super Shock Node
  • Enemy Part – Shock Cannon
  • Enemy Part – Jam-Gas Launcher
  • Enemy Part – Edge Proximity Mines
  • Enemy Part – Mine Trail Cannon
  • Enemy Part – Chomper
  • Enemy Part – Flocking Behavior
  • FREE Avatar Part – 3 Parallel
  • FREE Enemy Part – Shield Turret
  • FREE Base Part – Wiggle Cluster
  • FREE Base Part – Air Bladder Cluster
  • FREE Base Part – Tentacle Cluster
  • FREE Base Part – Smooth Tentacle
  • FREE Base Part – Sliding Cluster

We have also built a powerful Console system that you get with ANY Parts Pack purchase.  So if you only get PP1, you’ll still have access to the console.  You can bring up the console at any time in the game and type in any of a number of commands giving you some extremely powerful abilities.  You can spawn any local tanks, set your Gun Points to whatever you want, or display background stuff such as the Unit Table (determines what enemy types you see).  Say you have a local enemy you want to set as the SmallFighter type, there is a simple command for that.  It allows you to view the ID numbers of all enemies in the Bubblefield you just visited or even call our server to issue a full unit refresh.  All in all, it’s a powerful feature that we are excited to announce and I think will make the Parts Packs many times more valuable.

For the first week anyone who purchased Parts Pack 1 prior to PP2 release will be able to get the second for just $1.99 USD.  After that, pricing is the standard for everyone- $4.99 per pack or $7.99 for both Parts Pack 1 and 2.  That gives you 41 new parts, new avatars, new enemies, locking features, chargeable weapons, and the console, and even saves you a whopping 20%!

BT3 Console

The console in action. It can be hidden completely or pulled up to issue commands.

Lightning Traps

Lightning Traps are AWESOME. That's all I have to say about that.