New enemies with new weapons automatically stream into your game! New chargable weapons allow you to build up energy as you hold down the mouse and release it in one giant burst! Many chargable weapons have different states. Here a full charged Phaser shreds through enemies as if they were nothing. All your new parts become immediately available with your other parts in one place. The new console is a powerful features that puts a number of back-end commands at your fingertips.

BT3 Parts Pack #2

Get the second Parts Pack for BT3 for JUST $4.99 USD!


Parts Packs #1 and #2 Super Bundle!

Get PP1 AND PP2 for BT3 for JUST $7.99 USD! Save 20%!



Parts Pack #2 brings you 20 brand new parts including Lightning Traps, Impact Shield, Super Blaster, Phaser, Seeker Factory and more! New chargeable weapons build up massive amounts of power as you hold the mouse button- release to unleash all your built up power at once. The more charged the weapon the more it will do- an uncharged Phaser only deals a beam of 3 damage, but fully charged it can do over 120 damage and pass through some enemies!

Enemies also get new parts and with a host of new electric weapons you'll find a lot of new challenges. Keep in mind, enemies can be built with any combination of parts from the standard game and both Parts Packs, so you dual pack purchasers will find a LOT of new unseen combinations. We also have a new flocking behavior for enemies, expect swarms of small fighters to swim together as a group: strength in numbers!

As before, you can also expect new Avatar tanks- prebuilt tanks available for your use. Don't feel like editing or creating your own tank? Well you're in luck!

Finally, as with Parts Pack #1, you get access to the powerful new Console system. This allows you do type in commands that do everything from unlocking all parts, setting your own Gun Point limit, manually spawning enemy tanks with a given ID#, viewing the unit table, and more!




The Console:

The Console allows you unprecedented access to Bubble Tanks 3. Set your Gun Point limits, upgrade, spawn enemies directly, view the unit table and more! Read more!


New Charging Feature:

Parts Pack #2 introduces some new chargable parts! These weapons build up power the longer you hold the mouse button and then unleash it all at once. The more charged, the more that will happen- for example the Seeker Factory will launch 1 of 7 different types of seekers depending how long you charge it!



You get parts, and lots of 'em! 20 new weapons/features that greatly expand the gameplay of Bubble Tanks 3 many times over.

Parts Pack #1 includes:

  • Avatar Part - Birdshot
  • Avatar Part - Blaster
  • Avatar Part - Conical Blast
  • Avatar Part - Lightning Trap
  • Avatar Part - Seeker Factory
  • Avatar Part - Phaser
  • Avatar Part - Super Blaster
  • Avatar Part - Weaken Sludge
  • Avatar Part - Clone Decoy
  • Avatar Part - Shock Node
  • Avatar Part - Speed Booster
  • Avatar Part - Impact Shield
  • Enemy Part - Shock Node
  • Enemy Part - Super Shock Node
  • Enemy Part - Shock Cannon
  • Enemy Part - Jam-Gas Launcher
  • Enemy Part - Edge Proximity Mines
  • Enemy Part - Mine Trail Cannon
  • Enemy Part - Chomper
  • Enemy Part - Flocking Behavior


New Enemy Tanks:

Get access to many new enemy tanks that immediately will begin to show up in your games. New enemies can include new parts in this packed combined with parts from the standard game or any other pack that you have purchased! New tanks are created daily!


New Avatar Tanks:

New pre-built tanks will show up when you upgrade ready for your control! New tanks can include parts in this pack combined with parts from the standard game game or any other pack that you have purchased! New tanks are created daily!